Creative Writing

I have been inspired to start writing over the last few years. I have tasked myself to write the novel ‘Talisman’, enjoying the discipline found in writing and the ability to explore the themes that interest me, through the medium of fiction, and being able to subtly communicate with interested people. I also enjoy the permanence offered by this media. I hope you enjoy my novel and my short stories.




Gerard Smith

Artist  |  Designer  |  Writer

About Me

I am a jeweller by profession, and an artist. Over the last twenty-five years I have founded designer jewellery stores that specialise in bespoke, made to order, jewellery and art works.

My art works are of a large scale, mixed media, oil-on-canvas. They incorporate sculptural type motifs in precious metal and diamonds. Man's impact on natural landscapes and sustainable mining practices are examined and showcased throughout the work. Writing has been my latest interest and details of my upcoming novel ‘Talisman’, and a link to my writing blog are included in this website.







My art work is mixed media on oil-on-canvas. I am able to use my skills as a Gold and Silversmith in these sculptural forms. My work is unique in scale and is normally undertaken by commission. It is intended to showcase the impact on the environment, over time, by man's activities and draw attention to modern sustainable mining and recycling metal practices.